This gallery of my work is a representative sample of the different types of pieces I have made. All pieces in each category are for sale. Many more pieces that are sold can be viewed by clicking the “Sold Work” button to the left. Each piece in the categories to the left will have a description, including the type of wood (or types), other materials used, one or more photos of the piece, the dimensions and the price. 

DSC_0643 DSC_1495

If you see an item you like, but a different type of wood you like better, contact me and I can make a custom piece for you. If you live in the Savannah GA area and would like to come see the finished pieces, contact me to set up an appointment.

As I complete new pieces they will be added to the gallery, typically at the top of the list in a given category. Check back periodically for new entries.

Click the category buttons to the left to see my work. Enjoy.